10 movies that will make you cry

Dead Poets Society (1989 when a new English teacher encourages his students to be themselves and follow their dreams, an unbreakable bond is formed that will leave your heart full.
Me Before You (2016 when Lou Clark gets a job caring for Will Traynor, a young man recently left paralyzed from an accident, she manages to change his way of viewing himself and his life.
Aww, this was so sad!The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Never thought of it as tearful, but it is now I think.Coffey's mega bellenblaas maken execution - The Green Mile.The Lovely Bones (2009 after being murdered by her neighbor, Susie Salmon, watches over from Heaven, thinking about the loved ones she left behind and her life before her untimely death.I didn't cry but I'm depressed for this fella.If these cinematic tear-jerkers don't have you crying, keening, and curling up into a little ball, we don't know what will.The music is creepy, and there are too many deaths.Watch on Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon Video.Based on the true story of Japanese dog, Hachik, this movie illustrates the loyalty a dog has for his owner.

It's not about wallowing in misery.
Miguel learns difficult lessons about family and tradition that will leave you feeling fuzzy inside.
Meeting on July 15th for the next twenty years the viewers sees their relationship make you feel my love written by evolve as they realize what theyve always been missing, was each other.I think the saddest part was when Rose noticed Jack frozen.We're totally in the former camp, and we're not ashamed.Now, pass the tissues).Which is in like, every movie.Delgia2k, my mom cried when she that part 5, ending scene - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.