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He doesnt beat around the monogram design maker bush.
Romeo and Juliet kissing.Having a baby is a life-long committment.Not all men can afford a ring, but when a man looks at you with complete sincerity and tells you it's time to get marries, you can believe him.If you can answer yes to those questions, then you should definitely be looking for these signs he wants to be more than friends with you.Are you still wondering if you should be more than friends or if he likes you as more than a friend?You are never left hanging wondering when you will get to talk to him.Talk can be cheap.Can you talk about serious soul issues, such as faith, hope, and your soul?When hes got a future with you on his mind, hes already decided that he has no intentions of letting you.

Spend some time with him, and see whether he mentions any girl or not.
You can determine these by understanding what makes a man commit to a long-term partnership and what keeps his interest over many decades, trials and experiences.
His actions should be enough to tell you If he likes you or not.
He smiles not in a way to offend you but to give you a hint that he likes you.Stop staring dreamingly into his eyes, seeking the answers to the questions in your heart and instead, listen to his word choices.You know how you feel about him, however, how do you know if he is really ready to commit?He wont opbergbox voor make up cancel plans at the last minute (unless its an emergency and he also wont make plans last minute.He Takes Your Opinions into Consideration.

Or maybe, he wants to know you from the core.
Yes No I need help 10 He discusses business with you.
Hes told you that he wants to be exclusive as a couple.