ark how to make dark green dye

This isn't great make free sitemap for your hair, though, so don't rely on this method if you have others at your disposal.
Massage the shampoo into your hair thoroughly, making sure to work it in from the roots to the tips.
If so, you can attempt to return to brown hair by making a homemade color stripper.
Remove the pan from the heat.After swimming, use a clarifying shampoo to remove the chlorine from your hair.I was able to make 7 of these with the cheesecloth I had, and I still have enough dye left over to make approximately 3 billion more wraps.RIT Color Formula Guide.How to make newborn cheesecloth wraps: Supplies: 2 yards of white cheesecloth per wrap, rIT dye (this handy, rIT Color Formula Guide will tell you which dyes to mix to get your desired color).

It will also depend on how your hair naturally responds to repeated washings.
1 3, swim in a pool.
Question How do I reduce the effect of hair dye on my naturally dark black hair?
When eggs are dyed to the color you desire, lift the eggs out with the slotted spoon.
If you dyed your hair a dark color, chemical dye remover can lighten.Look for a clear shampoo, rather than an opaque one.You could also swim in chlorinated water.Chlorine makes hair straw-like and brittle in addition to fading color.You could also try a dandruff shampoo that contains tar. Leave the eggs in the water until you like the color.

Chemical dye removers may not be effective for everyone.