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(click to access) It includes dozens of double bass luthiers from all over the world, often be a great source for used and new basses as well as repairs, rehairs, and parts.
What's the difference between a soprano and a pirhana?
"Year-at-a-glance" (Click Here To See What Folks Are Saying About.What's the definition of an assistant conductor?When someone comes up to you to tell you how much they love your playing, because they didn't think anyone played those things anymore.Have I not banished the dreaded Macarena from the Set List, and allowed thee to Solo on selected numbers?

Guitarists hate piano players because they can hit ten notes at once, but guitarists make up for it by playing as fast as they can.
And so the next time you find yourself at the symphony, take a moment to look deeply into the faces of the performers on the stage and imagine how much more difficult their lives are than yours.
None of them are based upon a 12 tone scale or on common harmonics, but our 5 year old son tells us it's not really that hard to transpose once you understand the physics.
Compatibility: Clarinets, other saxophones, French horns, trombones, and baritones are OK, trumpets are a no,.
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If you use lighter strings.