It is pumped over your grounds.
But unless it can deliver water at a precise temperature, showered evenly over the grounds, the coffee s flavor will suffer.
This is why even when you buy expensive beans from your local cafe, you cant make it taste as good.
I think Bodum wants us to realize that it is this simple.
It has been quite a few years since any self-respecting coffee snob took auto-drip seriously.Quietness If you care a lot about grinder noise then the Bodum might slip out of your favor.It has a sleek hourglass shape with matted, rubberized-looking plastic.An affordable grinder that definitely gets the job done.Material: Metal, Plastic, Stainless Steel, includes: Removable Filter Basket, battery: no battery used: Dimensions: 15 inches H x 7 inches W.25 inches.It's similar in both quality and flavor profile to the hefty, deep, sweet cup that the Breville Smart Grinder Pro produced,.

Almost as if they are challenging every crappy coffee maker on the market: why cant you just fix it?
Bodum has managed to improve one of the simplest, most ubiquitous, appliances.
That's because the dosing feature on the Bodum is a little clunky.
Your auto-drip coffee maker might be covered in buttons and features and timers.I only have one criticism of the Bodum Bistro.Over is one of the best home coffee makers Ive ever used.Glass Carafe with an easy to grip, non-slip handle - Includes a permanent stainless steel coffee filter - Stain resistant heating plate keeps coffee warm for up to 30 minutes.It most likely finds a happy home with someone who wants to save a few bucks, is willing to adapt to the imperfect controls, and loves their French press coffee.It's decent when compared to shinier, quieter, more intuitive grinders, but it comes at a lower price so it's a good deal for what it offers.Conclusion The Bodum is a little noisy and the controls aren't quite as intuitive as those on other grinders, but it gets the job done and shows quality in the cupa more affordable option for a burr.