The boxplots are windows movie maker enhancement pack 2010 download also called bars and whisker diagrams in spss.
Synonymous with ggraph - cant label outliers though.
Finally, a way to accomplish something similar is to reshape all the numeric variables into one column, and then use split workshop bonbons maken file.
Ggraph /graphdataset name"graphdataset" variablesv1 TO V10 index"Vars /graphspec sourceinline.
Examine variablesv1 TO V10 /compare variable /plotboxplot /statisticsnone /nototal /IDMyId /missinglistwise.Learn how to create boxplot in spss.Make one variable not on the same scale and have outliers.Begin GPL source: data: Varscol(source(s name Vars tegory data: Vcol(source(s name V element: END GPL.Spss boxplots are suitable for comparing a scale or continuous variable based on a categorical variable with two or more promo code prime slots levels.Ggraph /graphdataset name"graphdataset" variablesv MyId missinglistwise reportmissingno /graphspec sourceinline.And now you can see that each variable gets its own box plot to check quickly (and has the ID labeled).

Sort cases BY VOrig.
Save uniform(100,10) /vars V1 TO V10 /outfile.
Varstocases and split file - need to know which variables are numeric to begin with.
In realistic datasets this is what will happen.#loop over the varlist and plot if numeric for i in varList: if i1 0: bstitute(vari0).Start creating boxplots in spss today.Ggraph /graphdataset name"graphdataset" variablesvar MyId missinglistwise reportmissingno /graphspec sourceinline.Begin GPL source: data: Vcol(source(s name var data: MyIdcol(source(s name MyId tegory coord: rect(dim(1 transpose guide: axis(dim(1 label var element: label(MyId).