Make a batch of hot chocolate sticks to keep on hand this winter!
Or so I would suspect.
Cadbury Instant Chocolate is Fairtrade certified,.Then why not make their evening with one of these delicious hot chocolate swirly sticks!Wilton Brownie Bites silicone pan.I like melting chocolates because they are smooth and easy to work with in a double boiler or microwave.Giver's Log I knew immediately that I would be making this.Make sure the heat is on low heat for simmering and that the water in the saucepan doesn't touch your stacked bowl.

My third set of homemade Pepero was a rainbow.
Why use cocoa powder to make a hot choco.
I used a bit of espresso powder to bring out the chocolate flavor.
Don't forget to share your goodies with your loved ones.24 Sticks per box.They were finishing up the aisles and had so many fun things!If you are curious about the mold I'm using, it's the.3 x Handmade Belgian Hot Chocolate Stirrers amandelroom maken Spoons Sticks with Marshmallow.99.It makes a huge difference making hot chocolate with chocolate instead of a mix!