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Atta pinterest kransen maken and Acromyrmex ).
We beginnnen op donderdag rond de provincie Utrecht, waar we onze overslag locatie hebben in Bunnik.
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All measurements were performed three times and presented as means.
Staan er op de afhaalplekken tuinplanten op voorraad?Planten met kluit of in pot kunnen prima een tijd blijven staan voordat ze geplant worden.Absorbance was measured at 440 nm using a versamax microplate reader.Wij rijden met een Co2-neutraal wagenpark.

Per soort is er een plant duidelijk geëtiketteerd op naam en maat.
Small amounts of fungal tissue were ground in 200 l of 10 Chelex-100 and heated currysaus maken zonder room for 15 min at 95C.
Culture liquid was centrifuged (14000g, 20 min) and filtered through filter paper.
The difference between the absorbance of the treatment and control samples was used as a relative measure of enzyme activity.
We compared both the total and the class-specific proteolytic activity of attine ant symbionts and their free-living relatives across a gradient of different pH conditions.We rijden wel meestal de volgende routes op de volgende dagen.Colonies of fungus-growing ants, apterostigma collare (nest number Apcol1), Myrmicocrypta ednaella (Myred1, Myred2), Mycocepurus smithii (Mycsmi9, Mycsmi15, Mycsmi32), Cyphomyrmex costatus (Cycos6, Cycos9, Cycos16), Cyphomyrmex longiscapus (Cylon5, Cylon12, Cylon24 Sericomyrmex amabilis (Serama7, Serama8, Serama12), Trachymyrmex cornetzi (Trcor1, Trcor3, Trcor4, Trcor10), Trachymyrmex.Pure cultures of Leucocoprinus gongylophorus were obtained by inoculating mycelium collected from fungus gardens on potato dextrose agar plates and subsequent incubation at 25C.Class-specific proteinase activity pH optima were measured in the presence of a protease inhibitors pmsf and edta as described above.

The samples were centrifuged for 3 min at 10,000g after which 1 l of supernatant was used for PCR.
10 l of sample was preincubated for 3 hours at room temperature with 1 l of inhibitor resulting in the following final concentrations of the inhibitors (all purchased from Sigma Chemicals Co For serine proteinase inhibition we used (pmsf,.57 mM tosyl lysil chlormethyl ketone.