Backswing (Ex 6th level is a little lonely without Backswing, but now you get to add double your strength on all of your attacks.
Deft Doublestrike (Ex A free disarm, sunder, or trip attempt is nice, but you're probably not built for.
It has a couple of abilities which make you very marginally better at critical hits, but they don't come until very high level.
Spontaneous healing: Miles better than Die Hard, and it provides.5 times as many hit how to make morphs in roblox studio points as Toughness, assuming that you have time to use.However, more and more I am seeing my list reposted on various forums.Unstoppable Strike tickets bodyguard met korting (Ex Making your attack a touch attack essentially makes it unstoppable at this level.P?aproject The WarGame Processor Commercial (25).You're an armor master, so you should be wearing Full Plate.The site is known to no longer exist, and Ive simply posted the last known link that used to work, in case someone wants to track it down on Wayback Machine.

In the comments here you can really only share your save code, and not screenshots.
Weapon Mastery (Ex crits with unarmed strikes are pretty boring.
Meteor Shot (Ex Bull Rush or Trip with a ranged attack.Interactive Adventures Wizard of the Coast pulled the plug on this when they revoked their D D license, so these are no longer available as of November 30, 2006.Deceptive Strike (Ex The bonus to disarm is nice, but why would you ever want to feint instead of attacking?This may be the only archetype in the game where Vital Strike is actually an expected choice.For playing card games online.VT Windows only, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter m/ Infinitas DM Android and iOS m/ GM Forge Local app for GM (Windows only players join for free using a browser.M/ 3D Virtual Tabletop Free for solo play, subscription-based for online klein fotoboekje maken goedkoop play.Orange: OK options, or useful options that only apply in rare circumstances.

M SimpleBM (short for Battle Map) Browser-based.
Shield Buffet (Ex The initial version of this ability is totally useless.
This requires a lot of combat maneuver feats to use, but having lots of feats is sort of your thing.