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A clear determination: Can you get a fix on what he really means?
British Dictionary definitions for fixing fixing noun a means of attaching one thing to another, as a pipe to a wall, slate to a roof, etc fix verb (mainly tr) (also intr) to make or become firm, stable, or secure to attach or place permanentlyfix.
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To get (a meal prepare (food What time shall I fix supper?
Cohen, 52, will report to prison on March 6 and is free on bail until that date.
Late 14c., "set (one's eyes or mind) on something probably from Old French *fixer, from fixe "fixed from Latin fixus "fixed, fast, immovable, established, settled past participle of figere "to fix, fasten from PIE root *dhigw- "to stick, to fix." Sense of "fasten, attach".
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It once occurred in all the eastern coastal states, but it is now chiefly an informal spoken form in the South Midland and South.Michael Cohen, the former, donald Trump attorney who was sentenced last year to three years in prison, has agreed to testify in a public congressional hearing next month about his private sector work for the president.New York City: Meredith Corporation.Fix ( to ) meaning to prepare, plan (to) is another Americanism: We're fixing to go to town."My not so brilliant career".Canadian comedian Nathan Fielder is fixing small businesses, one brilliant idea at a time."Fired Genius Behind Disastrous '96 Island.The film also got nominations thuisbezorgd kortingscode augustus 2017 for two Saturn Awards : Best Make-Up and Science Fiction Film.Adam Schiff, said too that he hopes Cohen will testify in a 'closed' hearing about alleged Trump ties to Russian election meddling.