eigen muziekinstrument maken

Bassoon Meaning : It is a large musical instrument that is played by blowing into a long, curved tube.
The bassoon, clarinet, English horn, flute, oboe, piccolo, and saxophone are examples of woodwinds.
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Accordian, meaning : It is a box-shaped musical instrument consisting of a folded central part with a keyboard, played by pushing the two ends towards each other.
Inloggen, profiel aanmaken, je bent niet ingelogd, je moet ingelogd zijn in Mijn Schooltv om een afspeellijst te kunnen maken.Viola how to make a town of salem account Meaning : It is an instrument of the violin family, larger than the violin and tuned a fifth lower.Als de kit is opgedroogd leggen de kinderen de snaren, elastiekjes, om de profielen.Bellenkransjes maken met kleuters, thema muziek Met belletjes, scoubidoutouw, ijzerdraad en plastic borduurgaas kun je leuke bellenkransjes maken.

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De belletjes zijn in de kerstperiode overal te koop.
Example : How many strings do the ukulele have?
Pan Flute This instrument called a panpipe or pan flute is made using plastic pipe.
Xylophon I wouldn't mind having one of these for myself.
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