SUP3R, edit: added "QoL Looting Change" to patch notes.
This Week's Event, shotties Snipers.
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QoL Looting Change, there is now a how to make a beer bong small buffer around items dagprogramma bruiloft zelf maken when looting, allowing them to be picked up a bit easier.
Org is not available or authorized for sale.A couple changes and bug fixes coming this week that you will want to read up on below.Please use the links below to upgrade your existing browser.Check out the event menu in game to see the exact timing for each event!A few front porches on some of the houses in residential areas were not acting as solid objects when interacting with a vehicle.We dub this "Easy Loot".Be prepared though as every so often your weapon will be swapped to another random weapon along with everyone else.Comment on my profile if u want 1, i have 3 left.How do I join an event?

Alongside these changes we have the return of Weapon Roulette to the Arcade Mode.
Shotties and Snipers runs like a normal match except the only weapons youll find on the ground are shotguns and snipers.
Expand AllCollapse All, how do events work?
Crate Opening, have a old locked crate?The AR-15 has been returned to its original 4 shot damage values.Do not believe any fake listings.Have some skulls laying around?Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.The Return of the 4 Shot AR-15.Unlike normal matches, there are only a set number of event matches that players can join.Browser Update Required, in order to fully experience everything this site has to offer, you must upgrade your browser.

Mar 16 Mar 19, shotties Snipers runs like a normal match except the only weapons that spawn are shotguns and sniper rifles!