The remaining.1 is certified under the mass balance supply chain model, but we're working to move this to segregated by end of May 2019.
Beautifully located in the heart of Leicestershire and the heart of our local community.
Quorn Foods are aware that there are a range of important environmental and social concerns regarding the production of palm oil, a natural vegetable oil widely used in the food industry.Due to various outbreaks of Avian Flu across Europe, UK egg-producing poultry have been kept indoors since late last year in order to prevent the spread of Avian Flu through the UK free range flocks.This situation currently affects the following products: Picnic Eggs 180g, savoury Eggs 240g, toad in the Hole 200g.Chicken Mushroom Pie 235g, steak Pie 235g, mini Sausage Rolls 210g.That is why Quorn Foods ensure that all of our suppliers and industry partners adopt the rspo standard, plus in 2017 Quorn Foods achieved full rspo Supply Chain Certification.Wheat, protein, Free Range, egg, white, Milk, proteins, Salt, Breadcrumbs (.All of the palm oil that we use is rspo certified sustainable, with.9 being certified under the segregated supply chain model.We only use rspo certified sustainable palm oil in products where palm oil is necessary for its unique properties,.9 is of which is certified under the segregated supply chain model.Read more, our welcoming and attentive staff will ensure your every need has been taken care of and your visit is truly memorable for the right reasons.Why not try one of our Quorn Sausage Rolls?

Allergens can be found in the ingredients list.
Take advantage of our in-house ramlux kortingscode restaurant, bar and gym to ensure that youre feeling energised for the days ahead, whilst your prepare yourself for whatever your trip may have in store.
Were located on the fringe of the National Forest so youre only a short walk or drive from some of the countrys most stunning woodlands areas, tourist attractions and local places of interest.
Egg, Salt, dietary Information, suitable for Vegetarians, nutritional Data.
Quorn products, including Quorns Vegan range, that are available to purchase have not been involved with animal studies.Quorn products are currently available in the UK, USA, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Philippines, Germany, Thailand and Singapore.Quorn Spaghetti bolognese has 90 less saturated fat than a meat version.If you continue having difficulty in obtaining Quorn products we suggest that you contact the manager at your local store and make your request to them directly.Since 1995 there have been no further requirements for such trials and Monde Nissin, Quorns new owner, is committed to ensuring no additional work will be carried out for the mycoprotein ingredient.Appetisingly easy and great for lunchboxes.Sausage Roll 130g, steak Slice 167g, due to the short timescale involved, Quorn is not able to immediately reflect this change of status in the ingredients lists on our products.Producing Mycoprotein uses less land and water than animal protein production, so it's better for the planet too!Unfortunately, we cannot influence any individual stores to stock our products.