how many litres make one kilogram

If the water, then 1: 1, and in the case of other substances in different ways of fluid density, sTE science is unknown!
The volumes will be different.
Kiloliters to Liters table, start.
Calculation formula: V P: M, where V - volume (m3 P - density (t / m3 M - mass (t).The oil density 0,95, respectively, 1 l 0,95.Brkshandilya 1 decade ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment.Note: You can increase or decrease the accuracy of this answer by selecting the number of significant figures required from the options above the result.If water, then 1 liter.If the water is 1.I know for sure.Format DecimalFractions, print table Smaller Values, larger Values Kiloliters, liters 0kl.00L 1kl 1000.00L 2kl 2000.00L 3kl 3000.00L 4kl 4000.00L 5kl 5000.00L 6kl 6000.00L 7kl 7000.00L 8kl 8000.00L 9kl 9000.00L 10kl 10000.00L 11kl 11000.00L 12kl 12000.00L 13kl 13000.00L 14kl 14000.00L 15kl 15000.00L 16kl 16000.00L 17kl.

5 centimeters, each liquid has a conversion factor in kilograms and back.
A common substance with that density is water.
Substances that float on water (like oil) are of lower density and have a greater volume for the same mass.
The liter is a unit of volume, and the kilogram a unit of mass.The famous joke about 1 kg of down and 1 kg of iron.Increments Increment: 1000Increment: 100Increment: 20Increment: 10Increment: 5Increment: 2Increment: 1Increment:.1Increment:.01Increment:.001Fractional: 1/64Fractional: 1/32Fractional: 1/16Fractional: 1/8Fractional: 1/4Fractional: 1/2.One liter, if you take water earned a rabbit.One kilogram of shaving cream takes up several liters, make windows 7 look like windows 10 while 1 kilogram of steel takes up less than a liter.Depending on the density of kilogram).Kiloliters to Liters formula, l kl.0010000, basic unit of volume in the metric system.