how much does kevin durant make a year

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Above all, most NBA fans, often begrudgingly, admit that it was a team-first act that could only be considered selfless.
Theres no saying team wasnt still the primary motivating factor in him taking the pay cut, but most also think Durant capable of seeing past the short term loss and towards the long term gain.
Oakland, CA - june 12: Kevin Durant.Andre Iguodala serves as a prime example of this sort of thinking.Golden State Warriors might actually be a savvy investment in his future and his team. His team-first mentality could spark a dynasty and he could end up with much more lucrative marketing contracts as a result. Hes well known hoe maak je een dossier for being tapijt zelf maken a shrewd investor in the tech world, and the business opportunities in the area were likely a key factor in his decision to sign with the Warriors in the first place. He doesnt have to care about those things if he doesnt want to but a smart man puts his money to work, and most believe KD to be a brighter individual than for him to only see the pay cut as a pay cut.Donald Penn Deserves A Bump In Pay, Not The Shade Hes Getting by Kevin Saito. How much more does that bring him into contact with gleeful tech CEOs interested in helping the guy who helped the Bay Area to a dynasty?And if that requires some financial sacrifice for a year or two so.San Francisco Giants: More Bad News for a Terrible Season by Sean Bialaszek.This is all theoretical, of course, all based on unknown future outcomes, but Durant is owed more credit than to think that he doesnt see the real world value of his team-first mentality.The ranking is just.

The Situation, kD also signed up to play in the Bay Area of all places, home of tech startups, venture capitalists, and foreign investment.
And as a result the news garnered plenty of attention.
Some of this endorsement deal discrepancy might be explained away by calling it a difference in perceived skill (and thus perceived worth especially over the course of a number of years.
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Had Durant taken the max or somewhere near it, he would have potentially hamstrung the Warriors and shortened the dynastys length and thus lessened his overall worth. How much more does that boost the value of his likeness?Dedicate to the legend of this generation!One good year does not a lifetime fortune make. According to Forbes, Durant took in 36 million from endorsement deals last year more than a max contract is even currently worth.Want your voice heard? Theres selflessness there, sure, but theres also a shrewd investment in his own future at play as well.James Harden, meanwhile, took in 20 million.This is hypothetical, of course, but arguably, theres more long-term value in building your brand than there is in chasing max contracts. This pay cut might ultimately work in KDs financial favor.

By taking the pay cut now, theres more than just millions in salary given away here theres an investment in his own brands future).