As of right now, were somewhere over.5 million (pay-per-views Mayweather said in an interview with radio station Shade.
As, cNN Money points out, Mayweather's final match likely puts him in position to join only two other athletes in history who have accumulated 1 billion over their lifetimes: Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.
Figures adjusted for inflation and courtesy of Business Insider.Experts estimate the total revenues for the fight to have reached as high as 700 million.As reported by MMA Junkie, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that Mayweather would receive a minimum of 100 million for the fight.In 2015, Forbes included Jordan for the first time in its billionaires list.

So terrazzo zelf maken for him to come out of retirement to fight Conor McGregor, a UFC star crossing over, he was obviously vitamin advice shop kortingscode set for a payday that would be massive.
So how much money did Floyd Mayweather.
CNN Money, Mayweather will be taking home a jaw-dropping 300 million and McGregor will have made around 100 million.The estimated 300 million from the fight thus puts him in the rarefied air only experienced by Jordan and Woods.Floyd Mayweather earned more money on Saturday than almost any athlete has ever made over the course of one contract.Before I even stepped into the ring I was able to rake in 25 million, Mayweather added, referring to sponsors.When all is said and done, we should be somewhere around.2 million and then also with all the overseas and everything, the merchandise, I think we have a possibility of reaching 700 million.

If they had fought in 2010, their combined purse would have totaled an estimated 150 million.
Improving his record to 48-0, Mayweathers career earnings could reach 600 million.