Instead new custom Facebook tabs will need to be created with Iframes.
Iframe size select auto-resize unless you want ugly scrollbars.
p L /IfModule # END WordPress make your own sweetened condensed milk Fix for Local Servers Often designers and developers install WordPress on their computers using a local server for testing purposes.
Negatives, you will have to make one of these for every custom tab that you want to make if a page is going to have three custom tabs you will need to make three iframe apps for.
Photo credit: TooFarNorth Start your WordPress website project now!Create a new app by clicking on the Set Up New App button.Click More Edit at the bottom of the list and you can move the tab higher up the list but it cant go higher than Wall and Info.Existing tabs will continue to work and it will be possible to edit them but new pages and tabs will not be able to use this application.

The Post Attributes label can be customzied per post type using the attributes label when registering a post type.
To give your WordPress users this global option, you will need to create page templates for each option and give each a template name.
Tab Name this is what you want the tab to be called, such as Welcome, About, Contest, etc.On the right hand side under attributes you'll see template.For example, if your custom page template file is named as follows:?php Template Name: My Custom Page?gt; Then then rendered html generated will be as follows: body class" page page -id-6 page -template page -template-my-custom- page -php" Notice the page -template-my-custom- page -php class that.Browse: Home theme Handbook template Files Section page, templates, topics, page templates are a specific type of template file that can be applied to a specific page or groups of pages.Top As mentioned in the Template Hierarchy page, you can create a template for a specific page.

Page p  If a specialized template that includes the page s slug is not found, WordPress looks for and uses a specialized template named with the page.
Page.php  If a specialized template that includes the page s ID is not found, WordPress looks for and uses the themes default page template.