To do this, click the time below each frame and choose how long you'd like it how to make fiberglass to appear.
Step 3, choose whether you want to create your GIF from the selection or the whole video.
Go to the "Layers" window, and right click (or control-click on some Macs) a layer.
Ideally, youll want to make it no larger than 1MB so that it wont take ages to load on webpages.For example, check out how Product Hunt used a GIF to promote a forum on its website: 2) In your emails.If you are using an existing gimp file with multiple layers, use the Image Flatten Image command to merge them all into one layer.Using gimp, you can edit each frame of your GIF, customize the speed of your GIF, and save it in an optimized format that will be quicker to load.Step 2, save the video to your computer.

Now you can share it with the world!
Each layer will be one frame of the GIF.
If you follow along with the examples below, youll have your Black Belt in the Ancient Art of GIF in no time at all: Summary As you can see, Easils GIF Maker is different to any in-built GIF tool out there. .
At a point, many people maligned the lowly GIF as childish and outdated, a relic of a bygone era.File Scripts Load Files Into Stack.Flash Sale example below: How to Make an Animated GIF like this: Choose an Easil template and lay out your text as a finished image.Size : Changing the dimensions of your GIF can have a huge impact on the size of the file.If you dont have an Easil account yet (and we are sure you want to after seeing our GIF Maker) you can trial it on your free 30-day trial of Easil Plus.Your blog post doesn't have to be about animated GIFs or structured like a BuzzFeed-style listicle to include GIFs - although, we do love a good dose of silly listicle GIFs every once in a while.TIP : For this type of design, check that no two background images are the same, in the same position for two pages in a row so that there is movement when you create your final GIF.With this simple GIF design, you can alternate which elements (or highlights) show between your slides.