how to make a basket out of plastic bags

If you have sharp areas or wire, use extra stitches to cover them.
Use double sided tape on the second piece of cardboard and press into place a piece of fabric, whatever color you'd like.
Now, anchor the new reed by weaving its bottom end into the top few rows inside the basket.Fold over the remaining strips on the top of the basket to form a finished edge.Insert the end of each spoke into the third row from the top.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Method 2 Weaving With Newspaper 1 Make your newspaper sticks.Secure with Glue Dots.Next, weave the sticks in and out of the uprights, adding sticks by putting the end of one tube into the beginning knuffel maken van foto of the next.Click here to share your story.Use a clear varnish to add further protection to the basket.You'll be putting the weaver within temptation world of make believe into the split.

Follow these tips to make great items from magazines and newspapers: Use brightly colored shiny magazines to make striking looking baskets.
Nesting baskets: This tutorial from the Craft1Up blog gives a step by step guide explaining how to make a basket out of recycled magazines.
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Keep the weaver reed near the base of the basket and weave, by going over one spoke and under the next.Muzica De Petrecere Cu Calin Crisan Vol.It is easiest to secure the looped ends of your strips over something small and sturdy, like a nail.At the corners you'll want to do an extra twist (over and under) before continuing the twist down the next side.Snip off the very top/handles and the very bottom, then open the bag to its full width.Cut up and to the right again, mirroring the first time you did it, and then cut straight until you reach a point where you have one closed strip left.