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Nothing starts a party quite like a beer bong.
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And then shove the smaller tube through the hole so that one side is coming out of the side of the big tube and logo maken gratis voor youtube the other side goes down through the center of the big tube out one of the ends.(Best to drink a few sips of the beer first) Then attach the think tube over the top of the bottle, so that the other end of the thin straw is out of the bottle.Fan Mail - 23371 Mulholland.These simple steps lay out how to make a custom beer bong:.But why pay 10 for something you can make, for under.Purchase a large funnel.

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To bong a bottle, all you do is place the long end of the thin straw into the beer so that it will not be covered by beer when you turn it over.
Email - (yes, all 3 words).Hitting your local hardware store and grabbing a few supplies is all you will need.Purchase a simple valve (optional).Find the plumbing section.The Best Hangover Remedies, what exactly is One Serving or Unit of Alcohol?This will allow air to reach the bottom of the bottle how to make pina colada cocktail making the beer flow faster.

Design your beer bong.
The name of the hardware store doesnt matter, just find one that will be big enough to have the supplies you need.
The beer bong is used for quick delivery of beer to the dome.