how to make a circle skirt

Place the tie on the waistband, pointy end toward the back of the skirt and sew with 1/4 allowance.
Now we'll make the waistband!
This is your last step in making a 1/2 circle skirt!For all the other skirts I made after how to make a diagram in word that, I figured I would lose 1 inch from sewing the elastic together, in the seam allowance.From a stylist perspective, its the perfect body-flattering piece!The pattern is complete with 1/2 seam allowance already so you dont need to worry about altering your measurements once they are taken.Start at the back or side of your skirt where you have a pin place it under your presser foot near there.Make a couple stitches, always doing a few backstitches to reinforce your stitching, then use one hand to hold the elastic/fabric behind the sewing machine.Then, I cut out the pieces.

The iron should be on a medium temperature.
And if you are a beginner, this is an excellent project to practice your skills.
But the absolute best part about the trusty circle skirt is just how easy it is to make.
Turn the waistband right side out and iron.
Lastly, hem the bottom of your skirt and try it on!To make an elastic waistband, just take a strip of 2-inch Wide Black Elastic and wrap it around your waist.Use your yard stick to measure the length you want your skirt to be and mark with tailors chalk, moving it slowly around the waistline of your circle skirt until youve reached the other side.Or, you can use wrapping paper or regular paper taped together.Step 3: Decide How Long Your Circle Skirt Will Be Take your yardstick and tailors chalk out.Fold the fabric in half, lengthwise, iron then open the strip and fold each half again and iron.If your pattern fits fine when your fabric is folded in half - then you can carefully pin your pattern to the fabric and cut them all out at once.

I pinned the skirt fabric onto the bottom portion of the elastic, as I didn't want to cover up the tags I made.
Now, lay out your material.