Fold tape over to create eyelids and draw in dragon eyes.
Fold the molding in the upper part of the bag and to reduce the additional cost.
Set the card aside and use the first one that you cut to use as a guide and cut three more, for a total of four.Remove tape and stick to inside the wallet on when to make a move the edge of where the teeth begin.Fold the edges over to create neat seams for your wallet on the top and bottom of your tape fabric.Tear it in half length wise. .Next, take your permanent marker and draw in some eyes, scarier the better.Cut out the small circle at the base of the paper cup, but don't worry about being too perfect.Do this for all the pockets you wish to make.Create a smooth seam along the bottom of your wallet. .Fold this blue tape over and secure.Cut a long strip of tape, about 18 inches long, and place it, sticky side up, on the work surface. .

Use the second half strip to do the other side.
Fold over and repeat for the other pocket/s.
Then place another pasfoto maken geertruidenberg strip of your teeth tape right over the wallet as shown, sandwiching your two yellow (or whatever color) pieces together.
Use the tape you will be using for your teeth (I used yellow because I decided my dragon is a coffee drinker) and cut one strip in half.We wont need the strips to be longer than 9 inches, but it's better to go longer than shorter, so cut them all at an even foot to be safe.You can use your own.D.We will be creating 3 card holders for this wallet, but if you want to add more, go for it!Finishing width should.5 inches and should be about 6 inches high.Add another strip of tape, again from the backside grijze tand wit maken of the wallet, cut off excess tape, only leaving a small outline that mirrors your eyeballs.Step 7: Clean Up Your Pockets.Cut a piece of tape about 4" long and tear it in half length wise.

I'm using my Disneyland pass (I'm a premium pass owner, in case your where wondering).
Step 1: Make The Duct Tape Fabric.
There are plenty of tutorials out there for tape wallets, but I thought I would go ahead and share our summer vacation is on the horizon!