Go to the factions tab.
More like this., Hello folks!
Mods used xflmain HighRes Texture Pack Unofficial Quest Fixes.Find and duplicate 'skinnaked edit and rename.Once you've chosen your class, you'll notice that the NPC's skills and calculated attributes will update to reflect your choice.Disclaimer: After having used this method to remove Lydia's iron arrows and hunting bow, she now actually uses up whatever arrows I do wat heb je nodig om een taart te maken give her.(Though you might want to balance it out by lowering their maak je eigen kookboek Health or Stamina.).But Skyrim followers can be used in more interesting ways than mere cart horses.

Getting more than one follower, everyone knows you can only have one follower how to create a game in game maker in Skyrim, but there are workarounds that will have a gang of them traipsing around dungeons after you, annihilating everything in their path.
For Dundaryn, I've simply set his own level to the defaults used by the housecarls.
Once you do know what your pal is up for, you can start ordering them around.
If you don't like the existing classes, you can create a new one and allocate points however you see fit.
More like this., welcom to skyrim to im going to chow you how to turn NPCs into Followers with 2 simple commands so sit back and enjoy the show Command.Disclaimer: Using the in-game console can make things go wonky and can cause bad juju.You might also want to change the Bleedout Default from.15.10, which is the default that most vanilla classes use.My next experiment will be to see if Lydia can learn and use perks.Go to the Stats tab.Set their Default Outfit (recommend clothing).