You also need buckram and felt.
Caution: do not add too much glue, Duct tape markings otherwise it could make the head heavy, clumpy, and stop any moving jaw actions.
When putting on the fur, sew it together so that you can't see the seam otherwise your fursuit won't look right.
This is very important when suiting, as vision is limited beforehand.
Edit You can either use a felt nose or a resin cast nose- maybe even a nose made of latex for a squish!In order for a tutorial, please search the internet- there are many different ways to create and install a jaw, which usually conform to the users way of creating.Cut the patterns separately, organising by colour.Putting on the fur, edit, first thing you need to do is tape your fursuit base and label.You can buy the supplies near crafting or hardware store.Acrylic Paints (For eyes sculp nothing, nose.Additional notes: Edit Make sure to clean your furhead regularly, sweat can build up and cause mold and odor.If your head is too loose, this will cause difficulties in wearing, as it will slip out of place, causing discomfort, this may also restrict vision, as the eyes will move out of place.To begin, draw a human head roughly the size of your own, this can be from a side angle or front, but both can be drawn to ensure your plans.Trace around the template with a pencil, pen will bleed through and stain the fur.They can be found at almost any craft store.

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First draw a template that fits your fursuit's head.
If using foam, the number one mistake people make is just cutting a triangle or rounded shape from a single piece of foam and gluing.
VUmKryppbkiA 2D Eyes, edit, these are simple and easy to make what you need is a white plastic.
Decide if you are using a plastic mesh skeleton or foam base.The next thing to do is to add small amounts of glue to secure the fur, making sure it won't slip.Fursuit Making Tutorial / Fursuit Making Tutoria (2) / Guide / Fabric / Supplies / Supplies (2) / Mega Patrons!Begin cutting the tape into large, manageable sections.To make these you need Foam / funky foam.Edit There are two types of jaw- Movable and stiff.Wearing a fursuit is meant to be fun!

Next, draw it out onto the plastic and cut it out.