There are free tools available that let you easily convert video clips into animated GIFs that you can later host on sites like Flickr or Tumblr not all image hosting sites support animated GIFs but the one mentioned here.
Or you can enable the animation window inside Photoshop and make your GIF entirely inside Photoshop, using Save for Web to save your GIF animation.
It seems that many people would like to make GIFs from their favorite movies or cartoons.Play around with the bars on your left to achieve how you want your GIF to look.Step 6: Channel Mixer, you can also play around with the colors to filter your image.Once you think your GIF is ready to go, click on "Generate GIF" and a small window should pop up with difference choices.It has efficient compression to deliver smaller file size for sharing over internet.Read our Privacy Policy.The create GIF image could even be shared on computer, Facebook, Twitter, and almost anywhere.Step 1: Open Your File on Photoshop.

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GIF, one of the most widely used image formats, stands for.
So in the above example, image frames for the file movie.
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When you're ready, just click on OK!Step 2: Now well extract the frames from our video file.Many online GIF animated slideshow maker allows you to upload images in various formats and create GIF image for free.Step 5: Save, to save your work, go to File - Save.Step 9: Create Your GIF, once you have uploaded all the images, you can play around with the GIF's delay, width, height, and quality.Avi f, if your video file is in another folder, you need to specify the full path of that file.Step 8: Upload Upload Upload, click on "upload images" and find the files you've just created through photoshop to make your GIF.You also confirm that you meet the minimum age requirements.Things you will need: Photoshop, any jpeg image of your choice.