how to make a gradient in gimp

Here is a quick tour of what you will find there.
Ctrl, page Up or Page Down or, alt, number.
The image window occupies all space between both panels.
By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.The right panel collects layers, channels, paths, undo history dialogs together bouwtekening schuur maken in thuis kapsalon maken a multi-tab dock, gratis enquete maken brushes, patterns and gradients dialogs together in another dock below.The Layers tab is open : it shows the layer structure of the currently active image, and allows it to be manipulated in a variety of ways.Active Image: In gimp, you can work with many images at once, but at any given moment, only one image is the active image.Screenshot of the Toolbox The Toolbox is the heart of gimp.On Mac OS X, it will have to run inside of another application called X11 (which is packaged with the gimp installation file).If you are making a blue-purple gradient, for example, start with blue and make it gradually more purple.Note At every start, gimp selects a tool (the brush a color, a brush and a pattern by default, always the same.Try starting over and following the instructions very closely.Hide your text layer.

Short cut keys are also frequently shown in the tooltip.
Submit, you can also manually edit colors to create gradients.
Brushes/Patterns/Gradients: The docked dialog below the layer dialog shows the dialogs (tabs) for managing brushes, patterns and gradients.By default, this dock is open and located on the far right side of the application's window.Gold Text Effect, never miss a tutorial!I am drawing a character and want her hair to be a gradient.4, add a new layer to the image.How can I keep this from happening?Did you try these steps?Copy the code (ending with " below into Notepad: A Background Linear Gradient.Now switch back to your canvas, and make you sure what you did in step 3 is still intact.

Click the icon to display a dialog with a list of the currently open images, click an image in the dialog to make it active.
Layers at the top of the list will appear in the foreground of your image, while layers at the bottom make up the background.