Roll flat paper into cones and use them to try and catch rolled up newspaper balls.
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This is a trademark of Terry's work.
Contributed by Kelley Mitchell, who gives credit to dad for this idea.I have been given two copies of the latest release by respected photographer and steam locomotive filmmaker/producer Terry Vernon to give away in a free draw.He played for Rangers against Mallaig and Fort William on the Gers' summer tour of the Highlands in the 1980's.The design of the locomotive was based on the Peppercorn A1 class, and numbered 60163.With this they will be able to remotely operate the fish farm and keep an eye on the salmon.On Loch nan Ceall there were at least five Little Grebes on the south shore of the loch between Millburn and Morroch.Congratulations to our very own Gaelic Supergroup Daimh on being named Folk Band of the Year at the prestigious MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards 2018, an accolade they also won in 2015.Several reports of Brambling from mid-month.The optimum puzzle size is 15 letters by 15 letters.Experiment to see how many times you can fold a full sheet of newspaper.Using only that hand, begin crumpling the newspaper and see how small a ball you can crumple thuisnetwerk maken met nas it into.

On the human front principal visitor (apart from the shooting parties) has been the Rev Stewart Goudie our new minister who came to meet as many islanders as possible and is hoping to conduct a celebration of Christmas next month after the school play.
On the 16th a single bird was seen on Loch nan Ceall near Morroch, then two together there on the 19th.
Also on the 28th there were at least eight Great Northern Divers at the mouth of Loch nan Ceall and ten offshore from Traigh golf course.Cheap insulation - Stuff rolled up newspaper under doors and in cracks of windows.Friends of the West Highland Lines - Magazine The Autumn/Winter issue of this highly readable magazine is now out in full glorious colour (where applicable).From then till the month end there were reports of single birds on Loch nan Ceall and Loch Ailort.The drive behind this has been to provide a much better service to our users, but also, we'd reached a point of crisis and we had to take measures to make the business sustainable for the future.Just be sure and clean.