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Tap on "Your Playlists" and select the playlist for which you want to create a collaborative playlist.Out of site, out of mind.Click on the one you want to share.Have you ever thought about how to make it easier?Tap on the icon in the upper right corner.A lot of times, the songs that make it to big Spotify playlists have kortingscode waxworld been tested on the smaller ones.In the share option you can share your Spotify music either on social media or by copying and pasting the link.

How to delete a playlist on Spotify on iPhone and iPad You've completely switched gears and no longer like nu metal.
I know its harsh, but its true.
Whether you want to create an artist playlist, a regular playlist, or a collaborative playlist with your friends, Spotify has it all.
Of course, all entries are marked by default.It looks like three dots.Despite all the people using Spotify today, theres still quite a bit confusion about how the streaming platform works.Repeat steps 9 - 11 until you've built out your perfect playlist.You just have to decide how and where you want to share your music.Place the cursor over it, and a new menu will appear automatically.

Once you get a successful track record you can start moving.
Select the method you want to share the playlist.
Select a playlist you want to share and tap.