how to make a remix

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Narrator: These words lured men to the Grand Line in pursuit of dreams greater than they've ever dared to imagine!
Next, cutting to shots of the major villains they've faced in order of their appearance (Buggy and Alvida, Kuro and Jango, Don Krieg, Arlong, Wapol, Crocodile, Enel, and Rob Lucci ).
More character pan shots include the Marine characters, the World Government, Doflamingo, Kuma, and Mihawk.
It then goes back to Luffy as the camera swings around in front of him, showing the other Straw Hats behind him.Luffy's face on episode 378.2008 Remix Edit Various allies of the Straw Hat Pirates and other characters that have appeared.Cut to the crew running while previous characters, friends and allies of theirs are shown in the background (Surprisingly Foxy and his crew are considered as such as well.Ore no zaihou ka?Arittake no yume o kakiatsume Arittake no yume o kakiatsume Sagashi mono o sagashi ni yuku no sa Sagashi mono o sagashi ni yuku no sa paketto no koin, soreto paketto no koin, soreto YOU wanna BE MY friend?

This song was part of the 27th single released by Tohoshinki.
Originally two versions of this song were released, the first with 6 members and the second with 7 upon the recruitment of Nico Robin.
Scenes van twee huizen een maken of the remix opening were reanimated on later episodes.
TV Size Version Edit Japanese Kanji Japanese Rmaji English Translation Arittake no yume o kaki atsume Gathering up all of our dreams Sagashi-mono o sagashi ni yuku no sa Going to search for the thing we seek ONE piece ONE piece (The) One Piece Rashinban.The original opening was featured in Shônen Jumps 45 Year Anime Opening Collection DVD.FUNimation Version Edit In the edited TV version of episode 152, "We Are!" played as the Straw Hats sailed the Knock Up Stream.We are, we are, on the cruise!Roger's last words and beginning of a new era.Straw Hats Straw Hats WE ARE, WE ARE ON THE cruise!Kare no shinigiwa ni hanatta hitokoto wa, The words he uttered just before his death hitobito o umi e karitatteta.It was originally sung.

Movie 1 Opening, previous, next we Are!
Video game, a tradition that would continue with all three of Grand Battle!' s sequels.