how to make a screenshot on macbook

2, find the screenshot as a png file on the desktop with the name Screenshot time/date.
Now when crosshairs appear on the screen then, instead of moving the mouse press Space key.
You have to enable it first!
You can also tap the camera icon or use the edit menu in apps like Messages or Mail to insert your screenshot into texts, email, and more.
To use this screenshot tool on your MacBook Air, here are the steps: Launch the program and a sun-like thing will appear on the upper right corner of your screen which serves as a Jing polymeerzand zelf maken menu.Taking a timed screenshot Macbook air: Though the methods mentioned above cover most of the screenshot eventualities but if you still want to perform something advanced you can use the Gran application.Printing the screen in Macbook air: If now you want a print of the screenshot captured using above mentioned methods then you first have to locate the image in your computer and open it in Preview.Is this article up to date?Try saving the web page as a PDF document.If however you want to print various images on the same paper arranging it in the white spaces neatly then you can open the image in the Photoshop or AdobeInDesign.You can use these links to embed the graph in blogs and forums.How can I take a screenshot using Preview?The usual thing that might puzzle individuals is on how to take a screenshot on a MacBook Air?

This will turn your cursor into a small camera icon and whatever window you are hovering hover will be highlighted blue.
Otherwise the method won't work.
I guess its in the clipboard now.
How can I have my screenshots in other file formats than PNG?I need even more flexibility.Select From Selection, From Window, or From Entire Screen.2, open the File menu and move your cursor over Take Screen Shot.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.All Photos album (or, camera Roll if you're not using iCloud Photo Library ) on your iPhone.