Let them know you are loom armbandjes maken met vork setting up a three-way call.
Tips The exact steps will vary based on the type of phone you are using.
We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Updated on April 7, 2018, was this article helpful?How can I create a conference call or call more than one person at a time with my iPhone?After the call connects and you complete a few pleasantries, touch the Add Call icon.Tap the green Private to the right of the individuals name.11 6 Talk to your second friend.Unlike someone interrupting a conversation by making an incoming call, a conference call is one you set out to make intentionally: You make one call and then add a second call.

Let them know they are joining a three-way call.
Alternatively, you may enter the number on the keypad.
Talk to your friend.Touch the Add Call button to make another call.For tips on how to set up a 3-way call on an Android phone, keep reading!1 2, call a friend.Your phone may not have a clearly labeled flash button.