Military seriously studied these devices as potential aids for combat soldiers to use in tight tactical situations and to cross mined fields.
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Hands on training on the fuel process and the equipment.Videos of some of the flights done by the Go Fast Rocket Belt.90 Hydrogen Peroxide was chosen as the safest fuel for personnel use as no combustion took place.Under the contract, a 280-lb thrust rocket motor was made and tested.Basic flight training of five flights in your own rocket belt.Universal fit or custom made carbon fiber corset.Three different rocket engine and frame geometry to accommodate any pilot weight.The idea of a workable rocket belt is credited to Wendell Moore, an engineer working at Bell Aerosystems and the design of the rocket power unit is credited to James.Expert support 24/7 about any problem of the equipment.

Four Rocket belts where produced by Bell, one was destroyed and the other three are in museums in the.
The photographer wanted several take offs and landings instead of larger time flights, this was my 5 flight.
Many tethered flights were conducted, with Moore as the operator, at the Bell plant at Buffalo.
Waterboy, redmond, Washington, april 15th, 2009.
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