And Washington State also published their own free zine called.
No matter how niche you think this topic is, as long as a small, committed group of people are drawn to it, there's room for a zine.
If you used A3 paper, the folded paper burn_card_maker should be the size of a postcard.
Step 2, fold your sheet of paper in half hamburger style.Meet the Authors Download Our free Branding eBook Get a free, fun, and friendly guide to design your own brand.You may find that it is easier to start to work on your zine when it is folded out flat, rather than in booklet form.This artwork will be hidden unless the reader unfolds the zine into a sheet and flips it over.Mimeos, as they were called, cost between 50 and 100 in 1950 equivalent to about USD today.Step 1, you will need one sheet.5 x 11 paper, scissors, and anything else you will need to create the content of your zine. .After you fold your paper horizontally, you should notice that the double-layered strip of paper you have has the slit you made running along the top of the middle two sections.You could draw the background on another piece of paper and print the zine onto.You are going to fold the stack in half so it makes a book.

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Alternatively, feature artwork from multiple artists by asking family and friends to contribute to 1 page of the zine.
You can just make this one zine if you wish, or use it as your master copy, which you will make copies of if you want to reproduce the zine.Back to Top 3 Comments You must be signed in to post a comment.Step 5, if you unfold your paper you should have four equal sized vertical columns.My zines always have a little piece of my heart in them, because theyre small booklets that tell about an emotional part of my life.Upload a picture for other readers to see.The paper should be divided into eight sections by the folds, with one fold dividing the paper horizontally and three folds dividing it vertically.If you plan on adding your art with the booklet folded, you can skip this step.

If you have folded out your zine, make sure to orient the artwork correctly, referring to the arrows you drew.
Take your needle and thread and, starting from the bottom or top (it doesnt matter which end thread the needle through the holes you made along the crease to sew all the sheets of paper together!