The brown sugar is now ready for use!
I usually do a good job of keeping everything in my pantry stocked up, but there came a time when I ran out of brown sugar. .
It will keep for one month refrigerated, that is if you can keep from eating it all the moment it has cooled down and been seasoned to your liking.
You literally just put both in a bowl and mix until the molasses is evenly distributed. .Keep mixing until the clumps have all been broken up and the molasses has been evenly distributed.When I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2001, I diligently began writing down my recipes because so many people would ask for them!3 Stir infrequently: Stir infrequently until mixture goes from looking grainy to molten lava.2 Melt butter, add brown sugar: In a heavy bottomed stainless steel 2 quart saucepan, melt butter over low to medium heat.I have my degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University and am the author of three gluten-free food and nutrition books.Whisk in half the salt and vanilla kortingscode alleen haar extract.

Add more salt and vanilla extract until the marvelous taste of real butterscotch is achieved.
Prep Time 5 minutes, total Time 5 minutes.
5 Add the cream, let boil: At this point add all the cream at once and replace your spoon with a whisk.
7 Taste, add salt and vanilla extract to taste: When butterscotch liquid is room temperature, take a small taste.
Butterscotch makes a fantastic topping for ice cream.Chill butterscotch sauce in a non-reactive container with a tightly fitting lid only after sauce has chilled completely.Butterscotch sauce takes about a half an hour to make, from start to finish.It will look very clumpy at the beginning: And keep mixing until the clumps have disappeared and the molasses has been evenly distributed: Pin 5 from 2 votes, if you're out of brown sugar and need some for a recipe, you can make some yourself.4 Note the texture: Right before you add the cream, the caramelizing brown sugar will begin to look and feel more like liquid and less like thick wet sand.Servings 2 cups, calories 896kcal 1 lb sugar about 2 cups 3 oz molasses 1/4 cup, place molasses in the bottom of a large mixing bowl, and dump in the sugar.

6 Let rest, then transfer to storage vehicle to cool: After liquid has been boiling on the stove for its 10 minutes, turn heat off and let rest for a minute or two before transferring into a heatproof storage vessel.