To do this, we first prepare the bottle.
On them we will paste rice paper schoenen korting zalando without a picture.
Let the medium dry.I used the Release paper from collage artist Jonathan Talbot at m/.But, if during work we suddenly have gaps, unfilled with paper, it's not scary.Now take the rice paper for decoupage andgently tear off from her place with elements of images.You will also need a special paper between your Medium-coated collage papers and your iron.This can be an empty container or a full one.It will dry quickly.Some people say you can also use Liquitex Mediums, though I personally haven't tried those yet.

And of course, you can use this technique with just one piece of paper decoupaged onto a surface.
Golden Medium comes in Gloss and Matte.
From above, according to the drawing, we again apply a thin layer of glue.We will paint in pastel.But I just can't.Simply dab some Medium on areas where its missing.We will do this in three to four layers.Youll see in posts to come, this will become a bejeweled niche with a Rajasthani-style arch, inspired by Jaipur, the Pink City of India.No wrinkles or bubbles anywhere!The drawing should be torn off so that there are empty areas of paper around.We will tear off very carefully, so that the place of separation does not pass along the edge of the drawing itself.

How to do a decoupage of a bottle of rice paper will beIt is interesting to know everyone who loves to make, to create exclusive items with their own hands.
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