You can add designs on a hoe maak je een gipsbuik piece of paper before folding it; once it's finished, the designs will be scattered throughout the envelope.
The part of the paper that is outside the square will need to be trimmed.
It is more time consuming but more personal.
Step 5: We paste the cut out colored strips, as in the photo.
If you think that you do not have enough skills and imagination, we advise you to drop these thoughts away.Scissors aren't compulsory for envelope making.Tell us more about it?The right corner did not line up perfectly with the middle crease, so fold the overlapped point back slightly.Master classes priklijst maken on making an envelope from A4 sheet.What seemingly originalenvelopes in stores, they are not endowed with the most important - the soul.Use tape to securely close the two open edges of the rectangle, leaving the top open.For the square origami envelope, I would recommend using a thicker paper because it would prevent the envelope from falling apart.Try gently bending the right and left corners of the diamond to make them touch the center.You can use double sided tape for it to look better if you are hand delivering.Before you glue the back and the sheet, thread the satin ribbon there.

Master classes are more than just schemes.
Fold the top left corner down as you did the right corner.
Now bend the other edges of the product also to the center.3, tape together gras dood maken the open left and right sides.Warnings Don't make your creases until you are sure that they are where you want them.Now, you will notice the back of your envelope looks like those bought in stores.You can choose any paper, any pattern and make them any size appropriate for your event.

When you stick your finger into the fold the of the small triangle, you will notice the small triangle naturally opens into a diamond shape.
 I just used a glue stick to glue up the sides on the bottom.