Select your business type, before creating foto wazig maken photoshop your Business Page, youll be prompted to select your business type.
We explore the business benefits of the social media platform, Google, and how it can help your online marketing efforts.
For you to understand this, youve got to look at the difference between a profile and the potential of all different sorts of Google pages.Ensure any call to actions on your page are visible to increase campaign success.A custom URL (or vanity URL) condenses your profile URL into something readable and easily remembered.So if for instance, if you set up a page which is for a company, you can then transfer over.

It may be a criteria for you to have a manager on the page already for a period of time (currently 2 weeks).
If you choose Other then you just get taken to the next page in the process anyway.
This article is part of a six part series.
The first thing to do is to find the Pages icon.In the last few years the network has undergone some major updatesincluding the way it helps businesses connect with customers and prospects.Change the settings of who can see the content in that section.g.Try it free today.Next you will have the image almost ready.

Important: Make sure you dont have anything important on the right side of your cover photo because your profile photo will block that area!
At the most basic level, this is really all you need to do to get your page launched.
Next, on your own Google account, you can send an update to your stream to get the word out about your newly created page.