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If you'd rather not thaw divoza cadeaubon it, wrap the bread in plastic or foil until airtight and store at room temperature to keep it edible for an extra day or two.
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Method 3 Microwaving 1, slice bread to eat right away.
The refrigerator may prevent mold from growing on your bread, but kinderbescherming melding maken it won't keep it fresh.Submit Tips Light breads stay fresh for longer than dense breads.Epidemic Sound m please Subscribe m/user/HowtoMakeyummy, my Facebook m/JosephineRecipes.If you added water, heat the bread until it no longer feels soggy.Follow the oven instructions with these extra steps before heating: Slice the bread in advance, but leave the slices attached at the base.See more kitchen hacks.Read the full recipe: ml, warning: NO third party uploads OF this copyright protected video.Place the bread in a 300F oven for 5-15 minutes or until the bread feels soft.Give the steam at least five minutes to soften the bread.Music: ES_A Summer gebreide jurk korter maken Breeze (Instrumental Version) - Sebastian Forslund.

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This happens because the microwave boils away some of the water.
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2, place the stale loaf in the steamer basket.
Heat "melts" the starch molecule structure to release the trapped water, but also speeds up staling once the bread cools down.I hope you enjoy this video.IF NOT your account will receive copyright strikes AND will BE suspended AND terminated.Within a few minutes, the bread usually turns rubbery and even tougher than before.6 7, method 2 Steaming 1, bring water to a boil in the base of a steamer.Pour a shallow layer of water into the pan.Microwaves do soften bread, but the results aren't perfect.3, wrap the bread in foil.