In this photo, Im using 20 pieces matured pandan leaves.
We never cook our sweet soups w/o it, never boil our sugar syrups w/o.
It's not the worst.
Just make sure the only ingredients listed on the can are pandan leaves and water.Use the back of a spoon to press on the pulp to get the juice out.simply boil up a pot of sticky rice, mix it with a few chinese tekst maken Thai ingredients, then press it into a pan and let how to use a cafetiere coffee maker it sit overnight in your refrigerator.Because I never make any desserts requiring pandan juice (actually more like I skipped them because I always thought making pandan juice is hard work the learning process never takes place.

Decorate your home with pandan leaves in a vase.
Sticky Rice Cake with Coconut Essence of Pandan.
Serve cold or warm along with a topping pastadeeg maken jeroen meus of coconut milk and some fresh fruit.
Learn to use it, and not only will your dessert recipes can be re-invented anew, but whole new classes of sweets open.
Heres another comparison between young and matured pandan leaves.I wish I could say it was a revelatory experience, but the cake was dry and over-sweetened, filled with slimy whipped topping rather than cream.Tsk, turns out making pandan juice is not as hard (or scary) as I imagined it.I dont discard the pulp into rubbish bin.Wrapped tightly in plastic, fresh/frozen leaves will last a month or two in your freezer.If you need large quantity of pandan juice or extract or extra pandan-kick, you can use 20 pieces (or more) of matured pandan leaves.

You can add this to red bean soup or even cendol or barley.