Click on a color in the schoenenrek maken hout "Color" window.
Press Tab to ns 65 plus korting move to the next cell.
It's near the bottom of the toolbar, on the right side.
7, click on to apply your data to the pie chart.Yes : note: Once you ungroup the chart, you cannot update it dynamically by changing the data values and regenerating.Upload a picture for other readers to see.Copy share link from Vimeo, paste URL into comment.3, click on the Pie Graph Tool.More Options button to display the shading options.Add legends as appropriate.A drop-down menu will open to the right of the toolbar.When Illustrator displays a warning message, click.

Window Graphic Styles from the menu bar.
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Click on the menu in the upper-right corner of the "Color" window to display the available color options.
9, click on Save.
We use cookies to make wikiHow great.If you type data in any row but the top one, additional pie charts will be created.To change the colors on your pie chart: Click on the Direct Selection Tool.By, ugur Akinci, october 20, Ugur Akinci, did you know that you can create 3-D pie (and other types of) charts with Adobe Illustrator?Ai then click on, file in the menu bar in upper-left of the screen, and: Click, new to create a new file;.

Each horizontal row represents a single pie chart.
Height of the chart and then click.