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Learn how to make this classic Spanish drink using red, white or rosé wine.Website Terms and Conditions and, privacy Policy.For this Peach, sangria recipe, find the most fragrant peaches you can get your hands.It has a unique charm, whether youve picked it up in a carton from a Spanish supermarket or made your own, festooned with abundant bobbing orange slices.( Ikea usually has this!) Keywords: sangria, sangria recipe, peach sangria, white peach sangria, sangria recipes, peach sangria recipes print recipe Peach Sangria Recipe by sylvia fountaine, feasting at home blog July-5-2014 Ingredients: 1 bottle floral fruity white wine- viognier, pinot grigio, riesling 3 ripe.When it comes to the mixer, try adding around a third of the amount of wine, so around 500ml of mixer for 140cl (or two bottles) of wine.With fruit and garnishes, add according to taste.Peaches will brown, but will taste better and better.Press, rSS, privacy, consent Preferences, user Terms, ad Choices.Instructions Let peaches ripen on kitchen counter a day or two until fragrant and slightly soft.Ratio for the perfect sangria, use our recipe for peach sangria as a base for your ratio of ingredients. .The first step is to let peaches sit at room temperature for a day or two until they soften just a bit, and become fragrant.

I like to make a big batch and enjoy it over a few days because surprisingly, it gets even better and better as it infuses in the fridge.
Try to find something young and fruity, rather than an aged, oaky wine.
The budget-friendly, nonchalant approach is to use cheap wine, which is then masked by the fruit and sweet soda.At this point they are ready.Refrigerate until thickened but not firm, about 45 minutes.Try these cooling and invigorating recipes for your next summer barbecue or party.Its essentially a case of personal taste, but we suggest something with a fairly low ABV as youre looking to ramp up the flavour rather than the already hefty alcohol content.Let cool, either overnight in the fridge for more an even more intense herb flavor, or just for a few ice peaches.If serving to guests, strain out the brown peaches, and replace with freshly sliced peaches, a handful of fresh herbs and serve over ice.Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.Which soft mixer to use for sangria, the Spanish arent afraid of adding soft drinks to red wine, a statement that would cause some wine purists to shudder.

Nutrition Facts 1 slice: 117 calories, 0 fat (0 saturated fat 0 cholesterol, 52mg sodium, 22g carbohydrate (19g sugars, 2g fiber 2g protein.