Despite that, its easy to demagnetize something that is alnico magnet.
Consider recording the length of time the paper clip stays magnetized after a certain number of rubs.
3 Stick the needle through the cork.
By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy.They attract metals like iron, nickel, and cobalt.Scientists believe this field, called the magnetosphere, is created by electrical currents that are generated by a churning molten iron core deep inside the planet.They can be very expensive and have low mechanical strength.The magnetic uber eats kortingscode part of a magnet is actually a common mineral called "magnetite".Suspending the compass in water allows the magnetized needle to align with the earth's magnetic poles.These domains point in different directions so tend to cancel each other out.How do you magnetise a needle?

If the needle you're using is too big to push through the cork, you may simply rest it on top of the cork.
Here are some more fun facts about magnets: A magnet has two ends called poles.
Next, wrap the wire tightly around a nail, starting about 8 inches from the end of the wire and working your way down until the nail is covered from head to tip.
Magnets have a wide range of uses, from sticking things to your refrigerator, to picking up metallic objects, to keeping cabinet doors closed.
Stick the magnetised needle to the circle of cork with some tack, this will keep the needle floating on the water.Method 3 Making a Compass Magnet 1, gather supplies.Magnets that have lost their strength.Cutting a bar magnet in half will result in two new smaller magnets both with their own north and south poles.Unfortunately, there isn't always a way to make a magnet stronger.If it doesn't move, remove the needle from the cork, rub it 75 times with the magnetizer, and try again.Cut a circle around 1/4 inch (5-10 mm) thick from the end of a cork.To demagnetize something, you need to cause disorder to the unit magnets to randomize them.These have a rare earth magnetic material and have a high coercive force with extremely high energy.Method 2 Making an Electromagnet 1, gather supplies.