Young likes to use a flexible metal spatula in one hand and bamboo chopsticks in the other hand to toss the noodles with the other ingredients, like tossing a salad, or you can use two spatulas.
There are countless numbers of varieties, cooking styles, and ingredients, but they all have one common ingredient.
In Singapore, the wok-fried noodles are eaten with curry powder, bean sprouts, soy sauce and very hot pepper.
Wow I've never had asian food this good.5, test to see whether the noodles are done.This makes the noodles easier to mix in with the other stir-fry ingredients.They should no longer be wet to the touch and should feel dry.To keep them from sticking and also make them easier to stir-fry, return the noodles to their pot after draining and toss the with sesame oil or cooking oil.

4 of 13, prepare any other stir-fry ingredients: Make sure any other stir-fry ingredients, like chicken or bok choy, are cut into bite-sized pieces so they cook at the same rate and are ready for the wok.
Do you like them Italian style?
Some varieties of rice noodles are made from rice slurry.Finally, you add the noodles and the sauce or liquid stir-fry ingredients.Some Chinese noodles reach this stage in less than knuffel maken van foto a minute, and are ready to be eaten.The Chinese Muslims from western China also eat fired noodles.They cook very quickly, and are ready when they're just soft.