From there, you can make things such as the following: Acid rain, Aero plane, Algae, Aquarium, Atmosphere, Bacon, Bat, Beach, Bird, Blade.
Grass Blade Scythe Metal Blade Sword *I dont have all of them listed here (more there is no men on Little Alchemy.
Fire Air Energy Fire Starter Air Starter.
Santa- human and Christmas tree.
One of the ways to make plastic with this game is by combining silicon and clay.A frog in Little Alchemy requires the elements of swamp and caviar.First, you have to create metal.Earthquake earth and energy and wave and earth, ocean sea and water energy fire and air, sea water and water.Turtle- egg and sand.Guess what we do now?

Fire Human Fireman Bird Human Angel Human Blade Blood Electricity Human Electrician Tool Human Engineer Plant Human Farmer Glasses* Human Nerd Armor Human Knight Human Human Love Rain Human Sickness Blood Human Vampire Sword Human Warrior *Also to help you with the glasses.
And i'm sure you know those too.
Earth Life Human, plant Human Farmer, farmer Life Livestock.
Tip: Experiment Freely edit There smartphonehoesjes maken are more than 500 available combinations, and no penalty for iphone 6 cadeau exploring whatever notion might occur to you.Mix said Energy with a Swamp to get Life, and use a Life with another Earth to get a Human.You change the time of the day, from morning to evening.Lava lamp- lava and lamp.Now take your Water and your Earth to make Mud, and use the Mud with the Plant to get a Swamp.Little Alchemy is a game where you start with four elements and combine them to come up with more elements.Check out the detailed instructions and try it yourself.