The chop saw made it easy to do square cuts on the racking.
I tested the glass by smacking it with a sledge.
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I then checked it for square, and tack-welded it in place.
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When asked what their storeroom contains, many of them admitted that they have allocated a large area for storing barrels of fresh water.
This project uses the following, materials: A Bullet-Proof Glass Window 14 feet of used Pallet Racking cross-beam 2"x2" steel square tube, cut into four 18" pieces.After I created the bowling-ball "battle-damage I thought that it would look pop art picture maker that much better backlit at night with a light below the glass.I applied two coats, then let it dry.Click here to find out about them now We've lost to history so much survival knowledge that we've become clueless compared to what our great grandfathers did or built on a daily basis to sustain their families.It runs on a few AA batteries, and the switch is built-in.

First thing to do is measure and cut the materials to length.
I clamped the two shorter  side pieces in place and tack-welded them.
I did one coat of primer over just welds and cut metal, one coat of primer over the whole project, and then one solid coat of paint over the whole project.