It is possible to bring the FFA level to zero if you use large amounts of glycerine (if you happen to have accumulated large amounts).
Quality Proceed to the wash-test and the methanol test to check the quality of your biodiesel.
There were four 16-litre cans of it, a mix of used cooking oil and residual beef and chicken fats.
See Adding the methoxide.
If you make the biodiesel properly, everything that a filter might remove will be in the by-product layer, not the biodiesel.Private transfers are available on request.Methanol is also sold in some supermarkets and chain stores as "stove fuel" for barbecues and fondues, but check the contents - not all "stove fuel" is methanol, it could also be "white gas which is basically bivolino korting gasoline.An economical means of inhibition of photorespiration has been sought for decades, and methanol may well provide the solution.It's not something nature's simply never heard of before and has no way of handling and neither do you, unlike too many of the 100,000-odd "new" chemicals now in use which aren't readily biodegradable and do accumulate, and spread, and keep being implicated in cancer.This oil is very clear and requires very little drying.These additives are not a concern, they have no effect on the biodiesel process or the quality of the fuel.These are dangerous chemicals - treat them with respect!Methanol is of low toxicity to aquatic and terrestrial organisms and it is not bioaccumulated.

I adjust the inlet openings to regulate the mixing.
Mixing the methoxide Use the " Methoxide the easy way " method - it's also the safe way.
If you don't have a stirrer, don't cut the lids off the wash bottles.Much more information on straight vegetable oil systems here.Veg-oil has different chemical properties and combustion characteristics from the petro-diesel fuel that diesel engines and their fuel systems are designed to use.You won't regret.As a Biofuel list member said in 2002: "I just want to say how important what you all are doing here.Methanol is a normal growth substrate for many soil microorganisms, which completely degrade methanol to carbon dioxide and water.Mix in sweetener and lemon juice.Replace the bung and screw on the cap tightly.Your diesel motor will run better and last longer on your home-made fuel, and it's much cleaner - better for the environment and better for health.

It's also sold as a solvent by paint companies.
Many have been doing it for years.
Phenolphthalein lasts about a year.