In 1986 Leo found a new partner, Italian Donatella Piccinetti (who now exclusively manages and represents him worldwide).
Leo also sang I Am The Walrus and The Long And Winding Road to the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra.
I just hold out my hands, i just hold out my hand, and I'm with you darlin'.One of Piggy's sneezes sends Rowlf and his piano offstage.Alan created for Leo an entirely new sound, the most surprising element being that Alan also played all of the instruments except for Trevor Spencers drums.He stayed on a houseboat for a while on Shorehams river Adur, licking his wounds.In 1971 formeerde hij de band.Then in 1997, Leo received an offer for a season of shows at The Cafe Royal, in the heart of Londons West End.Kermit the Frog expresses his excitement to have Leo Sayer on the show, as it's not often they have some really good rock.It's only a heartbeat away, when I need love, i hold out my hands and I touch love.Back in Australia, ABC Records had released Voice gemmies maken In My Head and now supported by a superb band of top Australian musicians, Leo was selling out concerts across the country.There was a storm of publicity and attention, and he was reported to be more surprised than anyone to be lip-synching to a vocal he had recorded thirty years before!Hed heard Leo singing quietly backstage on The Countdown Spectacular and asked Leo if he felt like making an album featuring that voice in a sophisticated new setting.

The album turned echoed both David and Leos new found love for the American groove and Ray Parker.
Leo performed in February 1975 at the Midem music business festival in Cannes and upset the organisers of the international music industry gala by getting a raucous standing ovation that made the next act unable to go on, a symphony orchestra conducted by the film.
The album was released in the.K.
When I Need You went on to dominate the world charts, bringing him further number ones in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and many other countries.Leo and Janice had all but given up on any ideas of a normal married life by now.Two hit albums had really stirred up the crowds there and fans mobbed Leo when he arrived at Sydney Airport.Leo was now on top of the world and the ricochet of his.S.They recorded a live concert from Melbournes Hamer Hall in 2006 and this was added to Voice in a limited edition double.It was now 1970 and he was 22 years old.