mak cheung ching

Access Lists.1 Filtering Logic.2 Access List Settings.3 Access List Types.4 Access List for Inbound / Outbound Data.5 Creating an IP Standard Access List and Applying it to an Interface.6 Adding a New Statement to an Access List.7 Removing.
NAT, dhcp and NTP.1 NAT (Network Address Translation).2 Main Advantage of Using NAT.3 Dynamic NAT with Overload.4 Configuration of IP Routing.5 Configuration of Dynamic NAT with Overload.6 Configuration of Static NAT.7 Configuration of dhcp (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol).
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Static Routing.1 Route Entries for Directly Connected Networks.2 Static Routing Entries.3 Static Default Routing.
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OSI Reference Model.1 Background.2 OSI Layers.3 Layers Interaction.4 Benefits Provided by OSI Reference Model.