Then whenever you need to turn on the light it, its there with a flick of of the thumb.
Carefully dribble glue gun glue into both ends of the wand (one at a time, waiting till each end is set).
To turn on your wand simply close the flap securely with your thumb.
Unfortunately, while it gives you directions, the coding app doesn't provide detailed explanations of why you need to use the blocks as instructed.
It can feel dark and like the world is a hard place sometimes.If you use emulsion (latex) make sure that the wand is dry before going to the next step.Slide your battery.Here is what it should look like.Harry potter wands tutorial video, i made a video of me rambling away korting hengelsportbeurs utrecht as I made one of these wands.

Make sure everything works before you start the next step.
I avoided using a chopstick for this cadeau verjaardag papa knutselen because I didn't want the wand to become dangerous.
If you want to make a very stiff wand, roll another piece of paper and glue tighter than the first one and poke it down the inside of the first one after coating it in a bit of white glue.
Holding the wand in one hand and the glue gun in the other slowly rotate the wand between finger and thumb as you gently squeeze out glue gun glue onto the surface of the wand.
The glue gun glue should be set in about a minute or so, but might be tacky for a couple more minutes so be careful what you rest it on to set properly.Wait about 20 to 30 minutes for the wand to dry.Sometimes with circuits I know it is easier to see what someone is doing, rather than trying to figure it out from pictures and words.Once they master this Harry Potter Wand, who knows where their imagination will take them next?wling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.Now that Harry Potter fever is upon us once more, I thought you would like to have a go at making some really nice Harry Potter Wands.Copper Tape, lED Light Bulb, cR2032 Battery, electrical Tape (or any nice tape that works for your design).Start with one or two rings at the thicker end, leaving a space for the grip area, then make a crisscross lattice effect lower down the wand by rotating and moving the glue gun along the wand at the same time.

Scissors, no magical abilities required!