Then you can share these images on Facebook so that you can get some feedback from your social network before you make a purchase or post the product for sale.
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Publish some "example" pieces around the web to show what you can do and to demonstrate your style.Add prices and contact details.This is something you would work out ahead of time with the online company.You're not online to hassle people who aren't interested!Zazzle, one of the leading companies in the industry.Given the hundreds of free blogging websites, you have a lot of choice in keeping a blog.Privacy Policy, end User License Agreement, contacts.2, join online artist communities.Either commercial photo libraries, wikimedia commons or other free art websites all have opportunities for you to upload your artwork for free and reach a massive audience through their networks.Free art game, system requirements, oS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, cPU: x86, 800 MHz.It depends on which website you are selling your art.

Show detail, right down to paint strokes and paint type.
Fatpaint has templates with the exact image measurements for 142 items, from which 32 are popular products that can be purchased directly from the editor.
Bring out the most salient features of your creativity, your experience, your passion, and your reasons for painting.
As a result, the forgotten masterpieces of Titian and Leonardo da Vinci have come back to life again! .
Seize the power of Twitter and Facebook to increase people's knowledge of you.If your goal is to turn your art into an investment property, then selling online is likely to be a much longer path to this end.This keeps you on the radar of past customers, which is important.Depending on what scale you intend to sell your art pieces, you may want to get an account on an online art community or store, like.Keep changing the words until you find the sweet spot words that really do seem to attract the most views.A PHP Error was encountered, severity: Notice.On Facebook, place photos of your artwork, (digitally watermarked photos of you receiving awards, and information about your art, artwork in general, and perhaps even some critiques of artwork.And be available to answer their questions in a timely fashion.

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